Gainsight’s Latest Product Release Enables Next-Generation Customer Experience Image

Gainsight’s Latest Product Release Enables Next-Generation Customer Experience

I am excited to announce Gainsight’s latest product release that brings a fresh new user interface to our customers, makes Customer Success more personal with integrated video communication, and elevates our in-product best practices library with important new capabilities.

Modern, Streamlined User Interface:

As Gainsight’s product has grown over the last couple years our design team has been eager to bring fresh ideas and a streamlined look to our user experience. Together with our product managers and UI architects, the team spent six months designing and building a new set of UI guidelines and components.

The team also needed to ensure compatibility with Salesforce’s new Lightning Experience, which features a substantially new navigation scheme. The challenge was all the greater since adoption of Lightning Experience among Salesforce customers is very gradual, so the Gainsight interface needs to work well in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning modes. We are very excited about the coherence and efficiency of the new Gainsight navigation.

Beyond the navigation and component updates, the team prioritized two of Gainsight’s premier experiences — Customer360 and the Cockpit List View — for more substantial visual and UX updates. While the team did not alter the core functionality or most of the interactions, the changes were substantial enough that we conducted an ‘early access’ program where about a dozen customers started using the new interface in production up to six weeks before the general release, providing great validation for the direction and also important feedback, most of which has already been incorporated.

All together, this release represents the most significant UI changes in Gainsight in two years. Nevertheless, we are only on the first leg of this journey. While many parts of the product were substantially updated, changes in other areas were more modest beyond the navigation and high level design changes. The teams continue to be hard at work bringing all parts of Gainsight into alignment with our new guidelines and advancing our core designs.

A Slick New Gainsight Experience That Brings an Intuitive Refresh to Our Core Modules

Video Communications for Personalized Customer Interactions:

The most important activity you do as a Customer Success manager is engage 1-1 with your customers. But how do you manage to scale alongside your growing customer base while still making your customers feel that they are getting your undivided attention? At Gainsight, our product team puts a lot of energy into thinking about how to resolve the trade-off between better engagement and scalability.

Last year, Gainsight announced an industry-first customer communications product, CoPilot, to help increase the number of targeted outreaches you can have with your customer without burdening the CSM with drafting and sending each and every email. The adoption of Copilot has been astounding. This year we are focused on helping CSMs drive a deeper level of engagement — looking a customer in the eye and using their name — without the need to schedule and conduct a ton of meetings. The goal is to take customer outreach to the next level, fueled by our vision to make customer communications more exclusive, engaging, and personal.


With Gsnap, you can create short 60-second videos for your customers right inside Gainsight. The first video communication tool for Customer Success professionals, Gsnap provides an end-to-end platform to create, customize, and distribute personalized, 1-1 videos messages. You can also track engagement analytics to fine-tune your video outreach. Use this powerful tool to solidify your relationship with customers and scale your communications as you grow.

Get More Face Time with Your Customers with Gsnap

Improvements to Vault – Gainsight’s Best Practice Repository

This release also enhances Gainsight Vault, the industry’s only best practice repository that brings Customer Success best practices directly into your Gainsight platform. This release lets Customer Success teams import pre-built workflow rules as well as pre-built reports from Vault into a customer’s instance in just a few clicks. Customers can instantly download assets based on best practices proposed by Gainsight and our broad community of customer success leaders. These assets will accelerate your efforts to implement and optimize key business processes such as managing risks, operationalizing customer lifecycle, or capitalizing on expansion and upsell opportunities.

Since we posted the first content to Vault six months ago, hundreds of unique Gainsight customers have leveraged the assets with a steady increase in usage every month. Vault now contains over 200+ assets for download including:

  • 50+ Workflow rules
  • 50+ Reports
  • 35+ Playbooks
  • 30+ Surveys
  • 35+ Email templates

Encouraged by the overwhelming positive response of our customers, my team and I will continue to invest in enabling Vault to handle more types of Gainsight assets in our upcoming releases.

Import Best in Class Reports, Playbooks, Workflow Rules, Surveys and Email Templates Right into Your Gainsight Instance.