Introducing Gainsight’s New Digital Customer Success Package Image

Introducing Gainsight’s New Digital Customer Success Package

Many organizations face the challenge of a fragmented customer journey—especially because their tech stack, with many disparate customer-facing tools and resources, is disjointed and disconnected. 

Fragmented technologies pose a major challenge to organizations striving to deliver cohesive customer experiences, especially those looking to:

  • Deliver digital-led onboarding motions as their business scales
  • Create time-saving efficiencies with one-to-many motions
  • Establish self-serve resources aligned with customer needs, driving proactive, peer-to-peer education
  • Better understand and address customer needs with closed-loop feedback programs

For programs like these to be effective, customer communications and guidance—no matter the channel—need to be cohesive. And when customers are instead given separate experiences and destinations to visit, often managed by completely separate teams, the customer journey quickly becomes a patched-together and ultimately disconnected one. 

This is where Digital Customer Success and Gainsight’s brand new Digital CS package are changing the game: by providing a comprehensive set of interconnected technologies that allow organizations to successfully blend complementary and cohesive human and digital touchpoints around the customer’s digital journey. 

Who’s the DCS Package For?

Gainsight’s Digital CS package is for anyone with (or looking to add on) Gainsight CS who’s aiming to streamline their customer experience and looking to integrate additive digital capabilities on top of their current tech stack.

Whether you already have Gainsight CS or you’re currently looking to implement it, this package adds a powerful, versatile bundle of capabilities to create a unified, end-to-end customer journey. This includes our PX Digital Engagements as well as the full Digital Hub capabilities, modules, and integrations. 

Gainsight’s Digital CS package is built to integrate seamlessly with all your other tools and customer-facing products to really help streamline the experience for your customers as well as your own teams. 

How Does the DCS Package Drive Cohesive Customer Journeys?

Gainsight introduced the Digital Customer Success package to solve for disconnected customer journeys in three primary ways: automation, digital transformation, and AI.

Here’s how.

  1. Automation to scale human-led initiatives: Digital makes your efforts consistent and repeatable so that digital motions are then always cohesively integrated with the automated touchpoints—and leaves room for the human element in higher-touch, higher-value activities. By scaling and automating some of the human touchpoints to align seamlessly with digital engagements and communications and then using data from those experiences to inform those automated programs, you can create a cohesive and enhanced experience for both your customers and internal teams.
  2. Digital tools to drive omnichannel programs: Your plethora of disconnected technologies need a central orchestration point, and by combining the tools to deliver in-app and Digital Hub resources via workflows like Journey Orchestrator, these programs are no longer fragmented. The Digital CS package combines your centralized self-service destination with one-to-many digital communications, community forums and groups, and personalized in-app guidance to deliver an elevated digital experience for users and customers—all while scaling the human elements with automated journey orchestration, shared success plans, and multidimensional customer health that lets you better anticipate and act on customer risks, expansion opportunities, and secure renewals.
  3. Leverage AI to trigger improved digital programs: These workflows and external experiences are built on a powerful platform foundation of data unification and analysis that we’re extending even further with generative and analytical AI capabilities. By leveraging AI, not only can we better trigger digital programs using common data sets, and generative and analytical capabilities, but we can also then take those digital touchpoints and use AI to summarize and predict customer needs for CSMs to then take human action.

Digital Is the Future of Customer Success

Although some still think of digital as a tech-touch or longtail strategy, it’s become clearer and clearer that digital scale is critical to success in today’s market—for all segments.

In 2023, Digital Customer Success is the next frontier and evolution of CS. 

Learn more about Digital Customer Success by talking to your rep today!