Is Your Product Analytics Tool Missing These Major Moments? Image

Is Your Product Analytics Tool Missing These Major Moments?

Do you know where your users are? And the last time they were in your product? And what they did? And if they saw your newest feature? And if they used it? And for how long?

Understanding how your customers are using your product is essential to helping them maximize the value they get out of your product. It can also help product leaders guide future decisions and demonstrate the impact of decisions to date.

When you are able to segment your user base, you can deliver truly targeted experiences that are critical for adoption, retention, and overall business growth. The better you can target your in-app engagement and feedback capturing, the easier it is to guide customers to value, drive adoption across the product, and grow through your product.

While there are many solutions in the market that offer either these product analytics components or the in-app engagement and feedback components, there are few that are able to successfully provide both. Gainsight PX and Pendo both offer in-app engagement and product analytics capabilities, but Gainsight PX is unique in its ability to provide incredibly powerful segmentation. But what does this mean for your business?

Are you missing out on key product insights?

Segmentation makes all the difference in the world when it comes to delivering tailored product experiences. Having a product analytics tool with robust segmentation means that you get better, richer insights and more meaningful engagements with your users.

Here’s an example. You’re using a product and want to use the search function to look up a specific account. You click “search” and the query comes back with zero results. You’re frustrated because you know this account exists, but now you have to try other ways to find it. These moments are happening in your product regularly, but without a product analytics tool that can pick up on them, they go unsolved.

Gainsight PX calls these moments, “custom events.” Not only can Gainsight PX tool track these moments, but it can then trigger a guide with suggestions on how to improve their search terms/query. Now let’s rethink your search scenario in a product that uses Gainsight PX. Instead of getting frustrated with that product and using it less, you’re now given advice on how you can adjust your search. Now you’re getting value and leaving with a positive experience.

Gainsight PX allows you to segment your data by any number of filters and data points, including these custom event and attributes. You can also associate attributes like “power user” to users who use a certain feature a lot, and then understand how “power users” compare to the benchmark in terms of retention, the journeys they take within your product, and more.

Applications like Pendo, do not have the ability to query these custom events and attributes. Not only do you miss critical touchpoints, but then your ability to filter reports becomes limited. For Pendo users, this means that you’re not able to get the full picture of how your customers are using your product.

Are you missing out on engagement opportunities?

Everyone in a product role knows the importance of driving product adoption. It’s a common challenge but the right tools can have a massive impact.

The B2C product experience has set a high bar for B2B products. Netflix knows what you like and makes suggestions on what you should watch next. Your users expect this same type of personalization in your product. Being able to slice and dice your users into highly specific segments gives you the power to deliver this type of hyper-personalized experience. To do this, you need to do more than track standard user behavior—you need to be able to capture specific product behaviors.

Your usage analytics application should allow you to better target the in-app engagements and surveys you send to your customers. For example, you can drive adoption with hyper-personalized guides that are based on a user’s behavior or attributes as mentioned above. Or, being able to target surveys and requests for feedback to the right customers at the right time.

Remember our “power users”? Let’s say you have a group of users that are “power users” for a certain feature. If you want to iterate on that feature in a meaningful way, you need to be able to target people that use it the most and solicit their feedback.

Because Gainsight PX offers purpose-built survey capabilities and response analytics, you’ll get better insights from those surveys. Applications that aren’t built with these features require workarounds. For example, Pendo doesn’t offer in-app survey capabilities out of the box. You need to modify their “Guide” feature to resemble a survey. As a result, your analytics will tell you how many people clicked on the survey, but you won’t be able to get detailed analysis into how they responded and how their response correlates to feature use.

Don’t miss out on another touchpoint

Every interaction a user has with your product is a critical moment. If you’re not there to help them along, they’re constantly at risk to leave and never come back. Your usage analytics tool shouldn’t just give you an idea of what customers do in your product, it should give you actionable insight and help you carry them out. It’s too big of a risk to settle for anything less.

If you think you know everything your customers are doing, take a look at Gainsight PX to see just how many important moments you’re missing.