Top 5 Reasons Pulse 2022 Is a Must for Product Pros Image

Top 5 Reasons Pulse 2022 Is a Must for Product Pros

Get connected. Get on track. And get ahead of the pack. You can do it all at Pulse 2022, the event of the year for product-obsessed professionals. 

At Pulse 2022 you’ll learn proven strategies for product-led growth, driving, adoption, user retention, and how to build effective roadmaps. You will also discover the industry’s latest trends, and connect with like-minded thinkers and doers in the product management space. 

Best of all, you’ll have a blast, and then head home with a fresh, unique perspective on how to create business-changing products.

Here are the top 5 reasons you’ll love Pulse 2022.

1. Pulse is about products

For the longest time, Pulse focused on customer success teams, but not anymore. Building products with data-driven product roadmaps and improved product experience is critical to durable growth, so Product professionals are critical to the future of Pulse.

Last November, over 5,000 product people attended our virtual event, Pulse for Product, where product teams and leaders learned from their peers about Product-Led Models, Incorporating Customer Feedback into Roadmaps, Feature Stickiness and so much more. 

This year in August, we are bringing that same product-centric content to our live, in-person event in San Francisco. 

2. The leading edge of product-led growth (PLG)

Product-led strategies are the top priority for SaaS organizations, and with good reason—PLG organizations are growing faster than their counterparts. 

The speakers at Pulse will show you that you are ready. You can start where you are today and grow durably. Come to Pulse to learn from experts from companies like Seismic, ThoughtSpot, OpenView, and more. 

One session you won’t want to miss is “Building the PLG Plane While We Are Flying.” Hear Avid Technology talk about the three critical ways they are transforming the way they manage adoption, collaborate across organizations, and use analytics to help drive subscription growth. Using their findings, you will feel confident in architecting and executing PLG strategies at your own organization. 

3. Best practices for product roadmaps

We all know product roadmaps are essential to durable growth. The question is, how do you make them successful? How does your team ensure feature adoption? How do you plan successful launches? 

Step one is to join us at Pulse.   

You’ll learn proven strategies for how to build data-driven product orgs, better ways to drive adoption cross-functionally, and how to approach products with a growth mindset. 

Pulse 2022 includes an exclusive special product keynote session with Nir Eyal, author of Hooked, the book Product professionals and executives from Slack, WordPress, and more call a “must-read” for anyone interested in driving customer engagement and creating products that build habits. Nir will offer his practical insights and actionable steps for building, launching, and expanding products that people love. You won’t want to miss it! 

4. A chance to build community

While Pulse 2022 is a must for product pros, it is also completely different from typical product conferences. We are pushing boundaries and discussing how product teams, customer success teams, and community builders can come together and create a new era of growth for their companies.

We are bringing together the best minds from anywhere and everywhere to talk about how product teams can lead the charge towards durable growth for your business. 

Whether it’s “Achieving Higher Retention Through Automated Customer Journeys” or “Crafting a Game-Changing Product Experience For Customers,” there are over 30 sessions that cater to the intersection of Product, CS, and Community. 

5. And also, your career

Pulse will give you the opportunity to make connections with the next generation of product leaders. Network with thousands of other professionals that also care about Product, CS, Community, and building durable growth. 

One highlight you don’t want to miss is the expert roundtable with speakers from ThoughtSpot, OpenView, Robin, and Gainsight, “Why The Future is Product-Led.” You’ll hear career advice, plus strategies for building products that support the future of hybrid work. 

And the benefits don’t end at Pulse. You’ll head back to work the following week with completely new ideas, fresh perspectives, and the tools to help you become a pioneer for growth at your company. In short, you’ll be ready to take the next big step in your career.

FOMO happens for a reason

100% of product teams will regret not attending Pulse. Why? Because at Pulse, you’ll learn what makes people click, and how to supercharge your product experience to drive growth.

We invite you to join us for a full day of content and get inspired by some of the brightest minds in Product. You’ll learn how to use product analytics, in-product engagement, and community engagement to generate pipeline, acquire customers, drive adoption and expansion, and develop a better roadmap strategy.

Learn more and register here using code TOP5PX for 25% off your ticket through August 1.