Gainsight Glossary

Customer Churn Rate

Manage and reduce your customer churn rate with Gainsight

At its core, a business’ churn rate represents the speed at which its customers are leaving.

Gainsight’s Essential Guide to Churn

Churn can be both stress-inducing and confusing, but it’s a necessary metric to indicate business health. Before you start calculating, it’s important to differentiate between your avoidable and unavoidable churn.

Avoidable churn rate: Includes instances of churn that can be remedied when the customer rediscovers value in your product/service.

Unavoidable churn rate: Includes instances of churn that cannot be remedied. What counts as unavoidable churn varies across businesses but can include when a sponsor moves companies, a customer goes out of business, or if a customer gets acquired.

Gainsight is the central source for your customer data, so it should be your go-to for churn-related information. With Gainsight you can:

  • Know how a customer is using your product with Customer Scorecards that create a health score based on product usage, survey responses, and support tickets
  • Proactively combat churn with alerts that trigger 90-days before a renewal date, giving you adequate time to address any concerns or struggles
  • Track the progress of renewals in Cockpit
  • Create personalized best practice Playbooks that guide customer success managers and account owners through step-by-step renewal processes

For more information on churn, check out our Essential Guide to Churn and schedule a demo of Gainsight to learn more about how our platform can help reduce churn and increase retention.

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