Gainsight Glossary

Future Customer Management

The future of customer management relies heavily on technology. Stay ahead with Gainsight.

In just the past decade, the business world has experienced a shift towards a subscription-based model, resulting in the rise of Customer Success. This discipline stresses the importance of delivering outcomes to customers and while this sounds simple, it can take a lot of data to know what your customers really want. Introducing new technologies into your stack will help you to embrace the future of customer management and create steady growth for your company.

Gainsight will prepare you for the future of customer management by providing you with a single source for all of your customer data.

  • Get real-time usage and behavioral customer data that you can use to draw insights from
  • Receive alerts when customer health is abnormal so you can quickly rectify the situation
  • Stay on the pulse of your customers with survey outreaches triggered by important milestones on their customer journey
  • Quickly prepare reports to prove the ROI of your efforts

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