Gainsight Announces New UI and Product Capabilities to Bring Customer Success Technology into the Next Generation Image

Gainsight Announces New UI and Product Capabilities to Bring Customer Success Technology into the Next Generation

New Release Introduces Video Communications and an Expansion of Partner Integrations

OAKLAND, CA – May 12, 2016 – Gainsight™, the Customer Success company, announced today a major product release that will push Customer Success software into a new era. B2C applications like Facebook and Snapchat have set new expectations for easy-to-use interfaces and personalized interactions. Customer Success teams can benefit from adopting similar approaches to their own workflow – to connect with customers in really innovative ways. The cornerstones of the platform enhancements are two major updates – a streamlined UI of the core Gainsight product and a video communication product called Gsnap for one-to-one personalized video communications. The next generation of the Gainsight platform was debuted on stage today at Gainsight’s Pulse 2016 in Oakland, the largest conference for the Customer Success industry with over 3200 members of the community in attendance.

Sophisticated, Streamlined User Interface

The product release is anchored by the introduction of a sleek new user interface. It brings an intuitive refresh to Gainsight’s core modules, including the Customer360 page, a unified view of the health of the Customer, and Cockpit, a centralized workflow for proactive, automated alerts.

Gainsight’s new user interface is compatible with both Salesforce Classic as well as recently released Lightning Experience. With this new release, Gainsight users will experience the same consistent, intuitive user interface, regardless of which Salesforce edition they select.

Video Communications for Personalized Customer Interactions

Also included in the new release is a video communications product called Gsnap. Using technology acquired from Vsnap, Gainsight customers can now send a 60 second, personalized video to a customer right from the Gainsight platform. Customer experiences with user-centric apps like Facebook and Snapchat have driven a similar expectation of a responsive, personal experience in the world of B2B customer interaction.

Putting a face to a name establishes the credibility of a seller with a potential buyer and lays the foundation of a personal relationship between Customer Success Manager and valued client. Video communication has already gained traction in the B2B Sales world with vendors like OneMob increasing their momentum in the market.

“Businesses are making their teams and outreach more and more digital, and video is leading the way,” says Sati Hillyer, Founder and CEO of OneMob. “We’re excited to see Gainsight validate the impact video is having across the entire customer lifecycle. It’s clear that customer success is the lifeblood of any organization and the Customer Success team needs to connect in a more personal and engaging way. We believe companies that leverage video centric solutions like OneMob and now, Gainsight’s Gsnap, will lead the charge to improve customer experience across business.”

Technical Partnerships Gain Momentum

Gainsight announced an integration with, the leading solution for product data gathering and analytics. The integration will provide another option for Gainsight customers to feed the most meaningful product usage metrics into Gainsight’s robust health scorecard, workflow for automated alerts and more.

“Ensuring radical visibility into product insights is key to improving the onboarding experience for any service-oriented business,” said Todd Olson, chief executive officer at “We believe that the best indication of customer value attainment comes from adoption signals, and together with Gainsight, are on a mission to transform the way recurring revenue businesses manage their customer outcomes.”

The integration with adds to the existing data connectors in Gainsight’s Technology Partner Program. Over 40% of Gainsight’s customers have adopted one of the existing robust integrations with: Amazon S3, Google Analytics, MixPanel and Segment.

Gainsight technology partnerships go beyond data ingestion to use the insight derived from the Gainsight platform to drive action across the company. The powerful integration between Gainsight and Zendesk,inc., was announced in October 2015, has been adopted by 50% of joint customers. With this integration, users can view key Gainsight data points within a widget in the Zendesk Ticket Screen, create a notification for the Account’s Customer Success Manager from the widget and directly feed their Zendesk ticket history into Gainsight.

“The shared tools, data and insights provided by the Gainsight integration with Zendesk has changed the way our customer-facing teams do their jobs,” said Amy Ferguson, Customer Success Manager at Inkling. “The Support team now has visibility into the overall health of the customers they work with and Customer Success Managers are up-to-date on their customer’s support activity.”

Improvements to Vault – Gainsight’s Best Practice Repository

This release also enhances Gainsight Vault, the Best Practice repository that integrates Customer Success best practices directly within the Gainsight platform. The release adds the capability for Customer Success teams to import pre-built automation rules as well as pre-built reports from Vault into a customer’s instance in in a few clicks. Customers can now view best practices proposed by Gainsight and the broader community across various business processes such as managing risk or different stages of the customer lifecycle.

Released less than 6 months ago, Vault has had asset downloads by over 100 different Gainsight customers and has seen usage increase steadily every month. Vault now contains over 200 assets for download including:

  • 50 business automation rules
  • 60 reports
  • 42 playbooks
  • 29 surveys
  • 43 email templates

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