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Measuring User Adoption

Track user adoption to reduce churn and boost your Customer Success efforts

In order to successfully manage your customers in a recurring revenue business you have to know what they’re doing with your product.

Dan Steinman, GM of Gainsight EMEA, in his blog post, Tracking Product Adoption: A Critical Step to Customer Success.

Why is measuring user adoption important?

To keep customers renewing, you need to know what they like about your product and what they don’t. Tracking user adoption will give you the insight you need to ensure your customers are getting a return on their investment. The more ROI they receive from your product, the less likely they are to churn. This makes user adoption an important focal point within the scope of Customer Success.

There are many ways to drive user adoption but you cannot start without proper data. Gainsight gives you the power to capture that data.

With Gainsight, you can:

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