Gainsight Glossary

Revenue And Customer Adoption

Recurring revenue and customer product adoption are crucial for the long-term stability of any company. Gainsight’s churn analysis increases recurring revenue by revealing important insights about product adoption strategies. Gainsight’s churn analysis calculates churn per period using several methods. By tracking churn details in each period, you can learn from past mistakes and increase future revenue.

Features of Gainsight’s Revenue Management Solution

  • Correlate customer satisfaction versus customer size
  • Identify large customers with satisfaction issues
  • Drill into list of transactions in any period
  • Assess revenue health
  • Identify up-sell opportunities and automatically flag out-of-compliance customers

With Gainsight, you can analyze churn to assess its impact on overall revenue growth. Partner with Gainsight to improve customer lifetime value. Download the Guide to Churn to learn more about our revenue and product adoption analysis strategies.

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