Gainsight Glossary

CSM Company

Gainsight is a CSM company dedicated to ‘Success for All

Customer Success Management is taking over the world and Gainsight is fueling the fire. Our CSM platform turns customer data into opportunities for expansion while providing customer health insights to drive renewals and reduce churn. Every business works with different technologies and Gainsight acts as your central source of customer information, regardless of your CRM. It also aggregates data across multiple CRMs. Businesses looking to become more customer-centric choose Gainsight because:

  • They’re scaling and need a trustworthy system to help. Gainsight enables teams to create consistency across processes and keep track their growing customer base.
  • They need accurate, easy-to-access customer data. Gainsight provides real-time data for the metrics that matter most to your Customer Success team.
  • They need more than a platform; they need a partner in Customer Success. Gainsight is the Customer Success Company. We’re constantly striving to create cutting-edge content for your benefit and our CSMs are dedicated to providing best practice strategies to help you achieve your goals.

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