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Enhance the customer experience by harnessing one of your most powerful datasets on customer engagement: email.

Amplify your Customer Experience efforts with Komiko.

Komiko provides People Insight for Gainsight. Your team’s email interactions with your customers are an extremely important factor in the health of any managed account. Within Gainsight, Komiko allows you to track, search and visualize those interactions, create engagement plans by customer segment, and monitor their execution. Komiko can power:

-- 360 degree people engagement graph from within the Customer 360. You can easily find any email, meeting and attachments exchanged with the account. Supported by full text search across all emails, meetings and attachments. No need to ask people for information or try to find it in your Salesforce

-- Augment Gainsight’s health score with actionable engagement data. Komiko monitors your recorded engagements automatically, and maps your customer health data based on the patterns it discovers through machine learning analysis. This analysis allows Komiko to add people-engagement-driven measures that boost the quality of the health score. Komiko can create CTAs within Gainsight that will guide your team to take action.

-- Recommended engagement methods. Komiko analyses your past won/loss renewal opportunities. It associates emails, meetings and attachments exchanged and applies an AI model to identify the recommend engagements.

Komiko is tightly integrated with Gainsight, so no new tools to learn. Implementation can be completed with a few hours work in less than 2 weeks.

Download the Datasheet Here.