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Activating the Voice of Your Customer Through Customer Success

Amplify your Advocacy efforts with RO Innovation.

RO Innovation is a leading customer advocacy platform designed for sales enablement. 9 out of 10 of the largest software firms in the world use RO Innovation. The platform helps Sellers close deals faster and more profitably by “spoon feeding” the right customer reference assets in tandem with the right marketing content at the right stage of the sales cycle. It also provides Marketing and Customer Success teams centralized intelligence of which customers are impacting revenue, which customer relationships are in jeopardy, and provides teams with the key metrics and analytics they need to validate the revenue influence of the voice of the customer.

Customer Health can change on a dime. When it does, you want to ensure an unhappy customer isn’t offered up as a reference on a deal that’s at the tipping point of closing tomorrow. Conversely, when a stellar customer reference is impacting the business and helping drive revenue, it should boost the Health score. The RO Innovation-Gainsight integration has a custom object linking Customer Success and customer advocacy efforts in key ways to drive value. With the integration you can:

-- View and track references in Gainsight

-- Create a Scorecard Measure for advocacy

-- Update Health scores based on advocacy impact

-- Send automated messages of appreciation

-- Initiate CTAs to coordinate references cross-functionally