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TechValidate by SurveyMonkey captures and transforms feedback from customers into compelling case studies, testimonials, and statistical proof.

Amplify your Advocacy efforts with TechValidate.

Customer success teams are often asked to write and produce customer stories as they build relationships with key customers, but lack the bandwidth and marketing expertise to create the case studies sales and marketing need to drive growth. With Gainsight and TechValidate by SurveyMonkey, companies can capture and share the moments of delight that Customer Success teams experience all the time without unscalable burden of documentation on those teams.

Mutual customers simply use Gainsight’s CoPilot to create fully or semi-automated emails and include a public link from TechValidate in the copy. Once the chosen customer clicks on this link to answer the survey, TechValidate captures the timely customer feedback. The feedback goes right into TechValidate, and the application immediately transforms it into polished case studies, testimonials, and customer reviews that are ready to take to market.

By using TechValidate and Gainsight together, customers can dramatically increase the number of customer stories for marketing and sales, and speed time to market with this new social proof.