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Harness the power of B2B Customer Feedback with the voice-of-the-customer captured and visualized for action.

Amplify your Customer Experience efforts with TopBox. A SaaS-based B2B Customer Experience / NPS / Voice-of-Customer (VoC) / Customer Insight and Action solution, TopBox helps B2B companies strengthen and optimize their complex set of customer relationships. Since the “customer” in B2B firms consists of multiple contacts and personae (roles such as Decision Makers, Influencers, and End Users) within a variety of different account segments and experiences (e.g. high-touch / low-touch / tech-touch), TopBox engages the right customer contacts to provide the right feedback at the right time. TopBox goes beyond merely measuring NPS to enable front-line CSMs and account teams to visibly see what’s working and not-working within their individual accounts, while also connecting cross-functional leadership with insights to drive the right actions across the company to improve customer experiences and success for retention, expansion, and best-fit. Round-out your Gainsight Customer 360 and ensure the optimal CTAs and playbooks are executed with customer feedback, visualized.