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We Help Technology Companies Achieve Subscription Success

Waterstone is a boutique management consulting firm that focuses exclusively on helping technology companies succeed. We specialize in driving growth through subscription excellence by applying analytical rigor and proven Customer Success practices tuned to your business. Whether you are a software or hardware company, with products that were born in the cloud or based on legacy licensing models, we can help:

  • Design and operationalize a differentiated customer experience with an immersive, cross-functional approach
  • Transform your sales and post-sales services and support operating and business model to thrive as a subscription business
  • Launch or transform your Customer Success team to focus on customer value and proactive adoption
  • Drive strategic upsell and cross-sell with proven segmentation, analytics and playbooks
  • Design digital CSM and scale touch programs to engage with the long tail of customers
  • Create converged subscription offerings and develop strategies to monetize Customer Success

We engage with companies on their terms: from chartering and driving comprehensive transformational initiatives to quick-hit diagnostics that deliver rapid results.