10 Gainsight Updates That Are Setting the Bar for Customer Success Platforms in 2020 Image

10 Gainsight Updates That Are Setting the Bar for Customer Success Platforms in 2020

A lot happened to the Gainsight platform in 2019. Are you all caught up?

Gainsight is in lockstep with the ever-evolving discipline of customer success. As the leading customer success platform, we’ve continued to focus on building out the tools that CS teams need to optimize and mature their strategy. So what have we been up to in 2019? Aside from publishing books and throwing the biggest conference in customer success, we’ve maintained a rapid pace of innovation in our product.

You can find all of our features and enhancement announcements in our Gainsight Community, but here are ten game-changing Gainsight CS updates you absolutely can’t miss.

Top 10 Gainsight CS Enhancements & New Features Released in 2019

Social Engagement Capabilities in Timeline 8

Social Engagement Capabilities in Timeline

This year we introduced several enhancements to our Timeline feature. Two enhancements of note include the ability to tag users in Timeline updates and comment on Timeline updates.

Timeline already enables CS teams to keep tabs on all things customer activity, but these enhancements take functionality to the next level. With this new way to connect and communicate within Timeline, it’s even easier to stay up-to-date on customers, know when attention is needed, and follow up on important updates. Because this is all happening in a centralized location, customer teams are more aligned and more effective.

Adoption Explorer 8

Adoption Explorer

Adoption Explorer provides a granular look into how customers are using your product directly within their 360 Customer View. This highly-configurable dashboard allows you to easily surface the usage insights that are most relevant to your organization to more deeply understand your product’s role in your customer’s success.

With Adoption Explorer, Customer Success Managers (CSMs) don’t have to jump through hoops to get access to usage trends. CSMs will have better conversations and take the right steps to make sure customers are making the most of your product.

For example, let’s say a customer’s health drops. With direct access to usage data, a CSM can now see it’s because that customer isn’t using a specific feature. Now they can take the right actions to rectify the situation and provide resources so the customer can get the most out of their investment.

Does searching for data in your company feel like a never-ending obstacle course?

The Employment Website in this case study saved valuable time for their CSMs using Gainsight as their single source of customer truth. Read their case study to learn more about their experience and the other areas they’re improving with Gainsight.



Data Designer

Data Designer is the first-ever data exploration solution that’s purpose-built for CS teams. Data Designer puts business intelligence (BI) capabilities in the hands of customer success teams, allowing them to:

  • Simplify data preparation. Easily merge and transform disparate datasets to create new, more meaningful ones.
  • Uncover new insights. Next-generation analytics and data visualization capabilities get you more out of your customer data.
  • Take more impactful action in Gainsight. Use these new datasets across the Gainsight platform (i.e. rules, reporting) to power more precise and impactful actions.

See the power of Data Designer for yourself in our on-demand webinar, “5 New Updates to Gainsight That Will Change the Game.”

Journey Orchestrator

Extend the Power of Journey Orchestrator

This year we supercharged the power of Journey Orchestrator, allowing you to extend the customer journey both into your product, via integration with our PX platform, and into the third-party solutions, like Slack and Zendesk.

There is no integration like this out there! There’s so much this powerful feature can do:

  • Create a seamless customer experience that extends to your product. Now you can create CTAs that trigger actions in Gainsight PX and much more. Check out this article by our CEO for three common business problems this new enhancement solves.
  • Drive effective personalization at scale. Watch this on-demand webinar to get an inside look at how Gainsight customer New Innovations is combining human and in-app communications.

Send Email from Cockpit

Now you can send emails to customer contacts directly from Cockpit! Our extensive library of pre-populated email templates ups your efficiency even more. With these templates, you can ensure that best practices are followed and create consistency across all customer communications.

gainsight integrations 8

New Integration Options: Microsoft Dynamics, Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, Tableau

We’ve introduced a number of new integrations that extends Gainsight’s power even further:

  • Integrations with new CRM systems (Dynamics, Hubspot) as well as survey data from SurveyMonkey ensure that you have the full picture when it comes to your customers.
  • Integration with Tableau makes it easy for you to visualize your CS insights side-by-side with other key business data and make that visible across your organization.

Check out our full list of integrations here.

Enablement Engine

Help your CSMs so they can help your customers! Enablement Engine helps you get the most out of your investment in Gainsight in two important ways:

  1. Onboard CSMs quickly. Enablement Engine provides in-app walkthroughs and guides to educate your CSMs quickly on your Gainsight CS instance. This is ongoing, so new Gainsight CS features and processes will come accompanied by new Enablement Engine-powered walkthroughs.
  2. Understand how your CSMs are using Gainsight CS. Get detailed usage analytics around how your CSM team is using Gainsight.

Success Plan Collaboration 8

Success Plan Collaboration

CS teams use Success Plans to capture customer goals and create strategic plans to achieve those goals. They’re the essence of customer success and they just got a big upgrade! Now your CSMs can share Success Plans directly with customers for a more collaborative process.

Provide customer stakeholders with visibility into their success with your product/service, enable your team to demonstrate progress against the customers’ key objectives, and hold both the CSM and customer accountable in driving the customer’s success.

Mobile Centered Image

Gainsight Mobile App

The Gainsight Mobile App is now available for both iOS and Android users! Now you can have access to rich customer data, important reminders, and more—on the go.

  • Push notifications let CSMs know when their attention is needed on an account or they have upcoming customer meetings.
  • Capture notes, action items, and other key customer updates from anywhere so no important detail gets left behind.
  • With on-the-go access to Timeline and Sally, customer owners always have the insight they need to effectively drive their customers’ success.

Get a deep-dive into the capabilities of the mobile app in our article, “How Customer Owners Can Power Productivity On The Go.”

Gainsight next fullcolor

Gainsight NXT

We took our platform to the next level with the launch of our new NXT platform. Gainsight NXT offers customers:

  • More control over the platform in order to map to the speed/complexity of their business.
  • The flexibility to easily integrate with other systems to better understand the customer and drive personalized engagements.
  • The ability to more easily extend Gainsight to more users to drive alignment around your customers’ success.

What’s in Store for Gainsight in 2020?

We have a lot of big things planned for 2020 and beyond. Join us on this journey! If you’re currently a Gainsight customer, be sure to stay locked in to our blog and community. If you’re not currently using Gainsight but would like to learn about these new features and more, sign up for a personalized demo today! If you’re interested in making your customers the most successful they can be, it all starts with Gainsight.