Affinio Saves CSMs 12 Hours a Week with Gainsight

“Gainsight is embedded into my day-to-day in Customer Success. My personalized, visual dashboard is my lifeline! Gainsight has truly allowed me and my team to be as proactive with our customers as possible. The automation, standardization, tasks, and surveys transform the CS process.”
— Erin Fogerty, Head of Customer Success

As a startup, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day buzz of managing customers. Within the span of an hour, your team might be watching the support channel, coordinating a training session, preparing for a renewal, or celebrating a rising health score—all for the same account! In this high-energy environment, even the most thoughtful teams can become inefficient. Affinio is a marketing intelligence platform that provides deep insight into the interests of consumers. It empowers the world’s leading brands, agencies, media companies, and publishers to redefine the way they research, plan, and execute marketing strategies.


Affinio’s high-touch approach meant that CSMs needed easy access to a breadth of customer information, alerts to anticipate problems before they arise, and simple ways to collaborate with their colleagues to resolve those risks and capitalize on opportunities. The lack of tools to meet these needs meant CSMs were wasting hours per day gathering information and trying to collaborate through email. It also made it difficult to work with Sales, Marketing, and Product to collaborate on upsell opportunities, case studies, and product feedback


To help shift CSM activities to be more strategic, Affinio also needed to build an effective 1:many program to automate repeatable tasks and respond quickly to certain user behaviors. This would free up time that could then be spent in more productive ways.

“Gainsight’s given us the ability to analyze our customers’ usage in a very efficient and effective manner. We are able to identify usage patterns that help us deeply understand the health of our customers’ accounts.”
— Josh Daniels, Customer Success Associate


When CSMs need to get something done, Cockpit is where they go. Onboarding, Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs), advocacy opportunities, upsell opportunities, and renewals are all tracked using Calls to Action in Cockpit. Their ongoing NPS program that’s run through Gainsight is providing a steady stream of customer sentiment data, helping CSMs address sentiment risks well ahead of the renewal. If a CSM ever needs to see more information about a customer, the CSM can click into the C360 to see a have single view that all of Affinio is aligned around.

Combining customer’s usage data and Gainsight’s 1:many engine, CoPilot, Affinio sends directed and personal training to end-users based on how much they use—or don’t use—a particular feature or function. This automated, tech-touch program is used to drive adoption of new features. Affinio also sends an automated email to the executive sponsor and adoption champion on each account with usage data on how much their team is actually using the product.

Affinio uses Gainsight Dashboards to share key metrics and insights about customers to other departments in the company. One dashboard that is particularly popular is the Advocacy Dashboard used by Affinio’s Director of Marketing that allows him to see where the top users are across different features and the key advocates of each product.

“Our CSMs are way more efficient. All our data’s now in one place, and a number of key touchpoints are now automated. It’s a savings of 12 hours per week.”
— Erin Fogerty, Head of Customer Success


Both CSMs and Executives have seen major time savings from Gainsight. Affinio estimates that CSMs are saving 12 hours per week through the benefits of C360, their 1:many program, and taking a proactive approach to risk and lifecycle management. Executives are saving bandwidth that would otherwise be spent on escalations and fire-fighting.

Using targeted outreaches and follow-ups in Gainsight to deliver NPS surveys, they’ve also seen their NPS response rate increase by 16 percentage points. This provides Affinio with a wealth of real-time customer sentiment data to help them manage the relationship and track the efficacy of new initiatives.

With Gainsight, Affinio guarantees 100% of their customers are kept up to date on their usage data throughout their subscription period. This drives executive-level conversations around adoption, value and ROI, and expansion. Their automated, usage-based adoption campaigns are helping to drive adoption at the user level, increasing bottoms-up adoption at their customers.

Marketing is seeing the benefits too. Visibility of customer health, NPS score, and product usage allows Marketing to increase the pool of advocates, find the right candidates to do case studies, and drive other advocacy engagements.