PEC Safety automates 26,000 emails per month using Gainsight CoPilot

PEC Safety processes renewals for its annual subscriptions on the last day of each month. If that sounds standard, or basic, or even boring, you’re probably not on the subscriptions team at PEC Safety. To them, that seemingly trivial factoid used to be a source of hair-pulling levels of stress. To understand why, you need to understand how the company had been handling renewals before implementing Gainsight, and you need to understand more about the company.

PEC Safety is an industry-leading safety company that provides a technology-enabled contractor management service for reporting and measuring contractor safety information to owner/clients as well as standardized safety training. It’s been in business since 1993, and has the market cornered when it comes to customer service. The company services an interconnected safety network comprised of contractors, instructors, and owner/clients including ExxonMobil, Speedway, Marathon Petroleum, and many more.

The industry is unique in that anti-regulatory sentiment amongst clients rubs off on regulatory compliance companies. It’s hard to generate positive NPS, for example, when your customers view you as a “necessary evil” to work or continue working for their clients.

But despite all that, delivering a world-class customer experience is the job of the Support Services Team. There are 14 employees on the team, including eight Gainsight users responsible for more than 6,500 clients. With Gainsight, the team can proactively reach out to users who aren’t taking advantage of the platform. They do that through Cockpit, Customer360, CTAs, Health Scorecards, and CoPilot.

“We started using Gainsight CoPilot and saw a 25% time-savings per person per week, easily. It may even be higher.”


The Support Services Team wasn’t always able to be proactive however. Getting back to our story about the pain point in renewals at the end of each month, the Subscriptions Team was overwhelmed. Every month, they were sending over 26,000 emails to an average of 400 renewing accounts manually while also taking incoming calls, reaching out to customers, processing payments, and completing the day-to-day functions necessary to the job.

“With Gainsight, we’re using technology to our advantage where before we had been using pure human capital. In the end, we saw a 20% reduction in churn directly attributed to CoPilot tech-touch.


PEC Safety needed a one-to-many email system that was customer-centric. With CoPilot, the Support Services Team can set rules for email touches based on whether the customer has paid, is in the renewal period, or based on many other triggers. Those emails go out automatically without the team lifting a finger. On top of the benefits of CoPilot, Support Services leverages Gainsight’s elite data integration with Cockpit, Customer360, and customer Health Scorecards. PEC Safety explored a home-built solution, but the cost in time and resources was estimated at more than a year and half-a-million dollars. Even then, an in-house built platform solution wouldn’t have been as robust as Gainsight. “Gainsight met our needs right out of the gate,” said Paul Upshaw, “we stopped looking at other options.”


“For a given renewal period, that’s more than 26,000 emails that were being done manually that now we’ve automated.”

CoPilot eliminates more than 26,000 manual emails through one-to-many automation
If you want a better idea of the amount of time Gainsight CoPilot has saved the Support Services Team at PEC Safety, get seven of your friends together and manually send out 26,000 emails. You can use templates, but it will most likely take you a few days, even if you are solely focused on the task at hand. That’s the kind of savings smart automation brings – Paul Upshaw estimates it’s at least 25%. For each employee on the team working 40 hours a week, that’s 10 hours he or she just saved. What would you do with an extra 10 hours in a workweek?

“With CoPilot, we can set rules for where the customer is in the renewal period, whether their subscription has been paid, we can automate all of that.”

PEC Safety solves renewal logistics with CoPilot
Before using Gainsight, the process involved in sending out renewal emails was delicate, circuitous, and full of hand-offs that leave room for costly errors. PEC Safety had been sending out large-scale emails through Constant Contact. In the past, somethings went out that should not have gone out. “The one thing that will make a customer more upset than anything else,” explained Paul Upshaw, “is calling them to get them to pay for their accountwhen they’ve already paid.” Rules for CoPilot emails can include the renewal status of a customer. That problem doesn’t exist anymore. How are renewals doing at PEC Safety since implementing Gainsight? In less than two weeks using CoPilot, the company saw a 20% decrease in churn directly attributed to tech-touch email automation.

“The impact of Gainsight is astronomical. It didn’t free up resources we no longer need, it allowed us to take those resources and devote them to things that actually make money instead of just typing out emails.”

Gainsight CTAs empower PEC Safety to proactive Customer Success
Have you thought of what you would do with an extra 10 hours? For PEC Safety, the answer was easy: pour those resources back into actionable steps for reducing churn. For contractors, the company has an annual churn rate of 20%. By digging deeper into the data, they found that those contractors with limited use of their services have a churn rate of 43%. In this case, it’s those contractors releasing their safety questionnaire to only one PEC Safety owner/client. Contractors who release their safety questionnaires to three or more owner/clients churn at only 3%.

Gainsight CTAs can pinpoint end users who aren’t widely releasing surveys and flag them for action by a Support Services Team member. Armed with that data, PEC Safety is becoming more proactive than it’s ever been before.