Serenova Establishes a Foundation for the Success of Its Customer Success Organization and Drives 110% Renewals

Spun off from LiveOps Inc. in 2015 as an independent company, Serenova provides contact center as a service (CCaaS) software, facilitating interactions between businesses and their customers on a range of channels. Serenova sees every interaction as an opportunity – a moment of truth − for brands to deliver an outstanding customer experience. It helps companies achieve better results by delivering insight-rich customer experiences on an easy-to-use, intelligent cloud contact center solution. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Serenova has operations in California, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia and serves hundreds of companies worldwide, including Pearson and Uber.

Customer service is core to how Serenova runs every aspect of its business. Its customer success program is completely focused on customer outcomes and ensuring customers see maximum return on their investment. A dedicated team of customer success managers (CSMs) is the single point of contact for customers, a resource for anything from finding out about the next release to assistance making the most of Serenova’s solution.

Challenge: Getting a Better Handle on Customer Health and Renewals

When Jen Jackson joined Serenova as Vice President of Customer Success, the company was already implementing Gainsight in line with her predecessor’s plan. She put the implementation on hold while she assessed Serenova’s customer success efforts to date. As she says, Gainsight provides the elements a leader like her puts in place to define their customer success organization. So her first order of business was taking a pulse of the customer success organization and defining a vision of how it would evolve.

She discovered that the seven customer success managers (CSMs) -- four in the US, one in Asia-Pacific, and two in the UK -- were experiencing challenges. In spite of support from a dedicated CSM operations/Gainsight admin, they were struggling to figure out which customers were renewing and when, and which were due for a renewal. Hand in hand with this, they were unsure of a customer’s health score at any given time. Jackson also found the customer success team wasn’t easily able to share customer records and interactions with executives, making it challenging for them to get involved in escalations.

Solution: Deploying Gainsight to Suit Critical Needs

Armed with these insights, Jackson reinitiated the implementation to align with the key needs of the customer success organization and her vision. Having already evaluated other customer success platforms at her previous company, Jackson considered Gainsight the only option.

One core reason for selecting Gainsight was because it folds seamlessly into the systems Serenova already uses to provide a holistic view for customer success. As a result, it displays usage data, support data and opportunities in a single window. In contrast, Jackson felt other platforms were less mature and only recommended some steps rather than provide a complete view into a customer.

“Gainsight provided the biggest bang for our buck. I knew it would scale and grow with us and that we wouldn’t be looking for a different solution in 18 months”
Jen Jackson, Vice President of Customer Success

Jackson was also impressed with Gainsight Elements. “This is another example of Gainsight being thoughtful about the customer success community, and leader in best practices. So many companies are new to customer success and Elements provides a framework for combining people, process and the Gainsight platform to solve customer success challenges.”

According to Jackson, Gainsight provided everything needed to succeed: a good product, great relationships and a community, and a hyper-responsive support team. “The Gainsight customer outcome manager was a true partner in helping us succeed. She brought in the right resources to help us figure out how to re-implement Gainsight to satisfy our requirements, including an architect who guided me in making the right decisions when setting up the platform.”

Impact: Growing Renewals and Expanding Revenue

With Gainsight in place, Serenova’s customer success team gained the ability to segment engagements into different types of timeline entries and provide company-wide awareness into customer health. This provides executives and the board of directors the ability to immediately see, for example, the last time they met with an executive sponsor.

“I can answer on-the-fly questions with the reporting in Gainsight, something we couldn’t do previously”
Jen Jackson,
Vice President of Customer Success

By using the Renewal Management Element and building playbooks, Jackson has given her team now a more strategic understanding of renewals, allowing them to provide more accurate forecasts. This strategic view of renewals has also translated into higher retention. In 2017, net retention was 95%. By the end of 2018, it was 110%, meaning Serenova was retaining all customers and growing business with some of them.

“I correlate this impact to our actions and processes enabled by Gainsight.
Jen Jackson, Vice President of Customer Success

Gainsight 360 and the health scorecards provides Serenova’s executives with an instant visual of customer health and trends via an executive dashboard.

“This is a vast improvement since this was done via spreadsheets in a subjective manner before Gainsight. Now we can provide company-wide awareness into customer health and easily get our arms around customers at risk.
Jen Jackson, Vice President of Customer Success

For Jackson, 2018 was about building relationships to ensure customer health. In 2019, the focus is on expanding within accounts to growth revenue. With Gainsight, Serenova’s CSMs get essential visibility into the products its customers have in place and their growth potential.