Vidyard Builds Upsell Pipeline and Strengthens Customer Relationships By Understanding Customer Health

"Now we can actually be proactive and have strategic conversations with our customers at the right time, which is a much better experience for our customers.”
- Ellen Stafford, Customer Success Manager, Vidyard

Company Overview

Vidyard is a video marketing platform that enables customers to derive information on viewer- behavior for marketing automation systems and CRM. With Vidyard, customers can add video to their websites in minutes, get real-time analytics, syndicate video to social networks and YouTube, create calls to action, optimize search engine hits, capture leads, and brand their player skins all from one place.

Vidyard’s Customer Success team is responsible for onboarding and training customers, ensuring success with their platform through regular cadence calls. These touches make for a smoother hand off to the Account Managers, who handle upsell and renewals.

Vidyard’s Challenge

When Ellen Stafford joined Vidyard’s Customer Success team, it was apparent to her that there were concerning gaps in how they tracked their customers. Her team was using a different solution at the time and they found that the previous model for tracking customer health lacked the information needed to fully comprehend why customer usage was trending upward or downward.

“Customers were given one of two health scores: positive or negative. This way of tracking customer health was not doing much for us in terms of scouring our processes, finding upsell opportunities and strategically approaching renewals.”

Vidyard needed a solution that didn’t just distinguish between good and bad, but rather, captured a comprehensive health score to know why a customer was at a certain level of success. The Customer Success team sought a solution that captured this data in order to help team members monitor customer adoption, strengthen customer relationships, and increase revenue.

The Solution

Vidyard chose Gainsight to arm its team members with a deeper understanding of their customer’s health that would allow for more meaningful and timely customer interactions. Vidyard tried to work with the previous vendor to come up with a solution that met its needs but ultimately decided to purchase Gainsight since the Customer Success team was already aware that Gainsight could do the things that it needed in a solution.

“There was no real decision to be made. We knew that if it was time to switch vendors, then it was time to go to Gainsight. Gainsight was already the thought leader in the space, which made the decision that much easier.”

Knowing that the company’s customer base would significantly grow, the Vidyard team purchased Gainsight with the intent that the product would power many of their customer success processes as they continue to scale. “Gainsight is a really powerful, robust tool for a CSM team of our size,” Stafford noted, “and we are constantly learning from the application on what we can do and how we can better work with our customers.

The Results

Monitoring Customer Health

Vidyard recognized that different departments within its organization rely upon customer data in order to do their jobs, so it implemented Scorecards through Gainsight to give every customer a measureable health score.

Vidyard decided to rely on the engagement, adoption, and support cases of its customers as the basis of the health scores. Vidyard also added a fourth piece to the health score to allow for a relationship aspect to be updated manually – the team refers to this aspect as the ‘gut check.’

Stafford explained the gut check as the relationship part of the health score because it is based off of how the CSM feels about the customer. For example, if Vidyard has a customer that doesn’t use every feature but is involved in marketing case studies, the CSM on the account would give them a higher score than what was solely based off of that customer’s usage.

All of these pieces come together to create an overall health score for each customer, which allows for anyone at Vidyard to quickly get an up-to-date view of customers. Different groups at Vidyard are using Gainsight and Scorecards in diverse ways, as each department focuses on certain parts of the health score to determine the right approach for any given customer.

“Health scores power a lot of the processes around how often we want to check-in with customers and creates risk touchpoints. For example, if a drop in engagement happens, we can be a lot more proactive to reach out to customers to figure out what happened”

Timely and Strategic Customer Outreach

Vidyard’s customer success team is responsible for ensuring customers are having success with product adoption in order to reduce churn and increase upsell. The CSMs at Vidyard achieve their mission by using Gainsight to power a lot of the team’s check-ins. The visibility Gainsight provides into customer health has led her team to be more proactive in their customer interactions.

Monitoring trends in engagement and adoption allows the team to not only reach out to customers at the right time, but also gives CSMs insight into what the message should be with any given customer.

Stafford shared how Gainsight is helping the CSMs learn about how customers are actually using Vidyard’s platform. She declared: “Now that we actually understand what they are doing on the platform, we can have strategic discussions with our customers on concrete things that they could be doing better. Before, customers would just say, ‘we are fine, everything is good,’ and that was the depth of the conversation.”

The Customer Success team at Vidyard can now see when certain features aren’t being used, which changes the conversation with the customer to focus more on encouraging adoption of features that would have a direct impact on future revenues.

Stafford recounted a recent experience: "I recently received a call to action within Gainsight when one of my customers wasn’t using a product that it had paid for. I was able to bring this up with the customer on a check-in call and schedule a demo of the product, which led the customer to adopt the features and get more value from Vidyard. If I hadn’t had that conversation we would have most likely lost that piece of the renewal, which was half of the ARR for that customer. Without Gainsight I wouldn’t have had that level of visibility into my customer.”

Finding the Right Customer Advocates

Vidyard’s marketing team uses the health scores within Gainsight to find customer advocates to be used in marketing activities. Gainsight allows the marketing team to pull reports on health scores and other customer information to segment Vidyard’s customers. Through this information, marketing can filter customers to find the best fit for an upcoming blog post or success story.

Historically, Vidyard’s marketing team would rely on the CSMs to find the right customer. The CSMs would then scour the entire customer base to pick out a number of customers that they believed to be having success on Vidyard’s platform and then pass the list onto the marketing team.

With Gainsight, the marketing team can find its own short list of customers that fit the profile they want, which saves both the CSM and marketer valuable time that can be spent elsewhere.

Identifying Upsell Opportunities

Vidyard’s account management team is responsible for renewals and upsell and is using Gainsight to drive pipeline within its customer base. These account managers are using automated calls to action to identify customers who are approaching usage limits.

Within Gainsight, a customer is automatically flagged for the account management team once they have reached 80% of their usage threshold. This allows the account manager to have a positive customer interaction by strategically discussing a plan with the customer to strengthen the partnership and create pipeline for upsells.

Stafford proclaims this as one of the biggest value drivers for Vidyard with Gainsight. “Under the old process account managers would get a monthly report of customers who went over their contract limit, and the account manager would have to call them to ask for payment of their over usage of the platform,” she shared. “Now we can actually be proactive and have conversations about expanding the customer’s plan before overages happen, which is a much better customer experience than saying ‘pay us more money.’”

“Flagging account managers when a customer approaches its usage limits has been a real value driver for us with Gainsight. The amount of pipeline that Gainsight has created has definitely been significant.”